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You have the right to return the entire order or part within 14 calendar days of receipt. In this case it only charges the direct cost of returning goods. If the reason for your return concerns a mistake of the company are committed to take the product return costs, provided that the return is done by courier ACS company GENERAL POST. In each case the products must be returned in perfect condition in the state received from the client, complete and without damage and the packaging of the product is normally supplied with the product, is in excellent condition and confirming that they have removed the special markings product (tags). Furthermore, all cases should the product for replacement needed to be accompanied by the original sales receipt. The return will be accepted only by sending a carrier (Courier) and only after approval by SNOWSHOP company.
We also inform you that if upon receipt of your order, you find that the package is opened / torn the broken, do not receive the product from the courier just let it be broken packaging to detect any obvious defects. Where it is found a defect in the quality control of the product returned, the SNOWSHOP company has to communicate with the consumer to resolve the issue and reserves the right not to accept the change or return the product.

In case of refund and accordingly, both in the way they chose to pay for your order and the way that their return, the refund will be completed within 20 working days from the date we receive the products. In all cases where a demonstrable fault of the company's SNOWSHOP sold the wrong products or poor quality and faulty (wrong in taking the order, invoicing, dispatch, etc.) the SNOWSHOP bound to send a courier to the address you have set for the receipt of the order at his own expense.

If the consumer wishes to return the order, without any fault of SNOWSHOP company, but because of consumer liability (eg. Change in number, change in color, another product, etc.) then the shipping costs are borne by the customer. If you choose to send mail to the other agency, we can not receive your refund. Once we receive the product, we will immediately process your request and will inform you by telephone or by e-mail about how to process it. After the return of the product, and if approved by the Company, the customer is reimbursed in full amount, unless there are shipping costs, or corresponding deposit in a bank account.

No withdrawal are entitled in respect of Article 3l of N.2251 / 94 and in any other case provided by law or this according to the law. Indicatively not entitled to exercise withdrawal in products manufactured in accordance with the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized, eg: snowboard with bindings, skis with bindings, which have been applied, (punched and screwed) their bindings to the size of the boot as indicated by the customer and considered individually and therefore can not be used otherwise again. Sealed electronic products, which were unsealed after delivery.  Also there is no refund on products which are on offer or discount, only change to another product.

If you want to return the products purchased, the products to be returned should be sent to the following address:

"SNOWSHOP" Introduction -Commercially Skiing & clothing St. Alexiou 3. 250.01 Kalavryta Tel: +30 2692022465


The company is obliged to provide the right replacement if the product is defective. If the consumer wants to change the product in question (eg. Change in number, change in color, another product, etc.), is obliged to follow one of the following ways:

To make the return to SNOWSHOP company transport (courier) and making new order. In this case, the return costs are borne by the consumer. To make the change at any SNOWSHOP store free of charge.

If the grounds for repayment terms in the wrong company return costs borne by the latter. For further questions and guidance on product shipment, please contact us at tel. +30 2692022465.

To do return the purchased product, the customer must take care so that:

The product is in its original packaging and in the same perfect condition in which received, along with the sales receipt and including special markings product (tags). The product should be accompanied by a completed "Form of withdrawal / Return". The return of the product take place within a deadline of 14 calendar days from the date of purchase.


Our customers shall be entitled to cancel the order, under very specific conditions below:
If not completed the online order and you are in (checkout), you can cancel the process by pressing the back button on your browser. If you have completed the online order (checkout), please contact a representative of SNOWSHOP directly to tell you more about the process to be followed. Your order may be canceled provided that it has been processed by us. Right to cancel the order does not exist beyond the above cases.


For purely hygienic reasons, we do not accept returns on Underwear, socks, sunscreen and generally products that may affect the health of man. All products returned to stores and warehouses SNOWSHOP subject to thorough quality control.

In addition to the above rights, the buyer, in case of a product has a defect and has all the rights of the existing provisions and laws relating to the contract and of consumer protection.