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SNOWSHOP is the Greek company Winter sports shops and outdoor, which within a short time, since established in 1989, managed to consolidate and develop very quickly in sales and ski rental items. Since 1997, it expanded in wholesale importing and accounting for Greece very large Brands such as K2 sports, Alpina, Ziener, TOKO, Demon, Dachstein, Mico, Kamik, Liquid etc. It features modern and cozy spaces in stores, with a wide range of products for all winter sports that meet the needs of the most demanding guests consumers - all ages since they can find it all in one shop from skiing and snowboarding, the largest brand clothes Area and huge variety of accessories. It also has special outdoor section with a wide range of shoes, bags, clothes and many modern gadgets. But in stores SNOWSHOP visitors are not necessarily only customers, have more features, and can live a complete experience tasting and testarontas many of the products of their choice before the purchase. This is the diversity and the vanguard of SNOWSHOP: A destination where each family member, regardless of age, can find what he is looking to find out that what new on the market, updated or simply to creatively pass the time and be initiated the magic of winter sports.


Our vision is SNOWSHOP stores a reference point and our online store, the largest and most comprehensive in the area, this time in Greece, to expand in foreign markets. Passion and creativity.
Our passion is to strive daily for the best, not because they need more because we want and gives us .With team spirit, positive energy and optimism, we daily high goals for ourselves and our company. With creative flair, vision and appetite we find ways to achieve them. For our customer / visitor, passion and our creativity translates to countless opportunities and choices we provide, such as the discovery of new products and experience in many different areas, as well as an urgent update on all that was new and separate space winter sports and outdoor, always with undiminished appetite and smile. So every visit to SNOWSHOP and in our online shop is a pleasant surprise.


Every successful relationship based on trust and respect. Honesty, consistency and accountability are values ​​that govern our interpersonal relationships and our relationship with the customer. We understand the needs of the person we have towards us and always respond with sovarotita.To center of our attention is the customer. That is why we are constantly beside him, to provide the expertise and full support for every product that interests him and guide him to make more accurate and informed choice. Respecting and understanding the customer / consumer needs, we aim to guarantee product quality and immediate service, not only during his visit in our stores and in our online shop and after the completion of purchases, through special service support and specialized Service department.


Innovate thanks to our commitment to self-improvement, in our constant updating, the continuous training of our staff and in our efforts to strengthen the team spirit. Our vision is to provide the visitor with a series of new, modern and unique products and experiences. At the same time, through continuous effort to improve and upgrade services, evolving continuously so that every personal experience is even better.